Fiwygin Outdoors (it's pronounced fusion)

It's official.  

Fiwygin Outdoors. Pronounced "fusion." Fit In Where You Get In. Fiwygin Outdoors. That's the name and the concept of the inclusive group I've been trying to wrap my head around and articulate for the last number of years. The blog I wrote last month really explains where this desire and movement is coming from.    

Fiwygin Outdoors is a concept/group in response to and in solidarity with all the people who have ever felt like they didn't meet the criteria to be outdoors, to be an outdoors person, who weren't welcomed in a certain spaces, and/or they weren't "fit to be" in the natural/outdoor world.  

The truth is - we should all be able to enjoy the outdoors, and we should all celebrate whatever and whomever we can bring with us. For example, I can bring a pair of busted feet/knees/legs, a loving and open heart, some essentials (water, maps, etc), some knowledge of Wirth Park, and my ladyfriend who just so happens to know a lot about the ecology of the park..  

What can you bring?  

Yourself. Your kids. Your partner. Your parent(s) and/or grandparent(s). Your knee replacement. Your achy body.  Your cat on a leash. Your busy schedule. Your fear of social and outdoor events. Your hesitant anticipation. Your excitement. Bring it all!  Everyone is welcome, which is exactly the point.  

Fiwygin Outdoors is all about fitting in where you get in, and Fiwygin Outdoors is making "getting in" 100% accessible. Be it time, supplies/equipment, comfortability, or something else, it is our hope, mission and goal to ensure that anyone who wants to spend time outside can do so.  

THIS Saturday, April 2nd is the first official gathering of Fiwygin Outdoors. Come as you are. We will meet at the Theodore Wirth Park beach house which is near (3400 Glenwood Ave South, Mpls) at noon.  For now, hold that time. Details will come soon.

The idea is to get outside and be active in a way that is meaningful to you (walking, running, talking, meeting new people, recovering, etc).  

Want to join us? I sure hope you do!

See you soon!

The 12th Annual Celebration of Winter

Thanks to your help, I've got most of the details down for the 12th Annual Celebration of Winter.  It's a 2 part event - and of course has a way to "give back" to others.  You can come to part one, part two, or both!  


Part one: 

When: Monday, February 15th from 4:30 - 5:30pm.

Where: Meet at the Wirth Park Beach House parking lot.  

Who - You and your friends/family/partner/kids/neighbors/etc.

What: Playing outside!  Bring skis, snowshoes, sleds, bikes, boots, or anything you want.  We'll have an hour to play!  Some folks may want to walk or run, that's fine!  Others may want to ski or bike.  That's fine too.  I think my mom wants to build a snow fort!  We don't all have to do the same thing - we just have to be outside for an hour and have some fun!  


Part Two: 

When: Monday, February 15th from 5: 30pm to whenever.

Where: Victory 44 - a few miles up the road from the park.

Who - Same as above.

What: Enjoy happy hour prices on food and drinks.  Get to know one another, reconnect with old friends, and celebrate winter!  


Bonus!  Feel free to bring non-perishable food items to donate.  I haven't figured out which food shelf to bring stuff to yet, but will know by the day of the party.  You can also donate to the Midway Y ( to help pay for memberships so that young people, old people and everyone in between can experience the amazingness of the Y. 

Holler if you have questions! 


Event Planning

I received great support and feedback about the unnamed group I proposed a few weeks ago.  In planning the first event for the unnamed group, I am hoping to have it coincide with my 12th Annual Celebration of Winter.


February 15th is President's Day, and is also my birthday.  What better way to celebrate winter, my friends, family and community than spending time outside together?  Well, perhaps there is a better way....

Please take a moment to fill out the 2 question survey below, to help with planning the event.  If you don't like the ideas/format, please suggest something else.