Fiwygin Outdoors Presents Asha's 13th Annual Celebration of Winter


Join us for all or some of Fiwygin Outdoors + the 13th Annual Celebration of Winter, on Saturday, February 18th.  

We'll start at Crosby Regional Park for some snowshoeing/exploring/(perhaps) fire building at 2pm.  At 3:30, we'll head to Summit Brewery, where the taps flow freely and kids are welcome!  


Things to keep in mind:

There are two entrances to Crosby Regional Park.  Go to the one near Watergate Marina (2595 Crosby Farm Rd, St Paul, MN 55116).  Crosby is part of the Great River Passage, and is a beautiful space to play outdoors and build community.   

All are welcome to come -- kids, friends, leashed pets, etc.  Not sure if dogs can come into the brewery, but they sure can come to Crosby! 

Every year, I collect funds and supplies for a cause.  This year I'm welcoming donations towards Fiwygin Outdoors, the program that I officially launched in April 2016 that ensures spending time outside is accessible to everyone.  To donate, click HERE.  What will this money go to?  To help pay for park entry fees, snacks for our events, equipment for participants, and anything else to make sure that creating sustainable and meaningful connections to the outdoors can be free of barriers.  

Can't donate?  That's okay!  Join anyway, in whatever way makes sense to you.  Come for the outdoor fun.  Come for the tasty drinks at Summit.  Come to see me and wish me a happy birthday.  


Hope to see you on the 18th!  Give a holler if you have any questions -- or on my cell phone.