I'm currently sitting on my couch, with an ice pack under my foot. After a wonderful summer/fall of running trails, my foot pain is not excruciating, but has become enough that I have to take a break.  Speaking of breaks, I'm hoping nothing in my feet is actually broken, but rather just needs time to rest.  

I went to a great yoga class this morning at the Y.  The teacher was nice, didn't talk too much, and was a bit wobbly/couldn't hold the poses for super long.  Perfect, I thought!  A yoga teacher who isn't perfect -- that's just what I need.  Shortly after, I realized that her wobbly-ness may be because she's actually quite pregnant.  Not sure how I missed that upon first and second glance, but I did.  Either way, it was a good class, and I hope to go back again.

I'd been thinking that swimming might be a good option for me, except for the fact that when I "go swimming" I usually just end up stretching in the hot tub.  This is fine for my legs and would likely be helpful to my recovery, but keeping my endurance up is also important and has to be done without pressure or pounding on my legs and feet.  I'm hoping to get my mom to join me at a water aerobics class.  I used to go with her sometimes, as it's fun to go with someone you know, since it's mostly a social class anyway.  This time, I'm asking her to join me at a class.

There's no snow on the ground, which means the impulse purchase skis I bought last year have yet to be used this season.  I'm all for green and brown things (like grass and people), but some white snow sure would be nice by Christmas.  I find myself thinking about those who deny climate change, and wonder what they have to say about it being in the 40's most days so far in December in Minnesota.   I bet they don't ski.  

I'm not sure how long I'll plan to stay off my feet/not run.  My partner and I have talked about eating more whole foods, less processed stuff, and perhaps intentionally eating anti-infammatory foods.  If we can eat better, and I can get to pool or a yoga class a few times a week, I'm hoping by early next year I can get back to running again.  I'm signed up for a 17 mile run in April, and was hoping to run somewhere between a half and a full marathon in February, but that may have to wait.  We'll see how water classes go. 

If you're interested in joining me for water aerobics, a spin class (probably later this year or early next year), yoga class, or just getting some cardio in on an elliptical, give me a shout.  Going to the gym with friends (old/young/new/long) is always a treat!