You Have 20K for a Car, so you buy.....?

This started out as a Facebook post, but got too long.  So here you go....

HELP!! You "need" a car and have a budget of no more than 20k.  You could go higher, but don't really want to -- the lower the price, the better.  


Your requirements are:

You Need:

  • Something reliable.
  • Something you can see well out of.
  • Something that is safe.


You Want:

  • "Good" Gas Mileage (i.e you just sold a car named Salvador, who got about 37mpg city/highway combined, and while you know you won't get this same thing necessarily, you sure like not having to always fill up your tank). And it doesn't make sense to get a gas guzzler -- does it?
  • A hatchback/Wagon/SUV/Crossover so you can carry what you need and not have a small trunk be an issue or a buzzkill.
  • Heated Seats
  • Sun/Moonroof
  • Decent ground clearance so you aren't scraping bottom like you did with Salvador when the streets weren't plowed well or there were big ruts in the road.


You prefer:

  • Something extra fly (because you are a bit of a diva) -- with good speakers, slick technology, a roof rack that is built in and includes something to tie a canoe down to, and enough room to throw your camping gear in.
  • Something NOT made in America, cuz just like me -- there are pretty rad things that are not made in America.



  • There's a trailer hitch in case someone donates a bunch of canoes and a trailer to Fiwygin Outdoors, you can pull all those vessels using your own vehicle.


You don't care about:

  • AWD. You know the secret about snow tires (getchu some if you don't already).


What do you get? Help me please! I've been fortunate to borrow my mom's car for the better part of 2 weeks. I need to give this woman her car back and quit pretending like I'm gonna bike everywhere now that I sold my car. I've been consumed by consumer reports,,, etc... I need to make a decision and can't seem to do so!


Any advice y'all can share, would be much appreciated!