You Don't Have to Sweat to Spend Time Outside -- Fiwygin Outdoors (May 21)

A lot of times, folks think about spending time outdoors as something that has to be active. Something we need stamina, equipment and talent to be able to do.  Well, that's not always the case. This Sunday, we invite folks to come spend time outdoors and remember the ones that they love.

Next Wednesday marks the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my #1 homegirl, Ardes.  She was 93 years old, and was my best friend.  I never met anyone like her, and doubt I will again.  When she passed away, my heart was broken.  I still miss her -- and cry once a week (give or take).  I know I'm not the only one who is missing someone or having a hard time right now.  We are in some tumultuous times -- and now more than ever, we should be able to find safe space outdoors to mourn our loved ones, celebrate life and build/sustain community.


Join us this Sunday (May 21st) at 6pm at Hidden Falls in Saint Paul to simply spend time outdoors and honor the people in our lives -- in whatever ways make sense. We will have a short (non-religious) guided meditation around 6:30pm.  Please note that the location has changed from The Monument (Summit and River Road) to Hidden Falls, so that we can stay warm with a bonfire.   


We'll bring a frisbee, a football, some snacks, and some nature books (birds & plants).  Feel free to bring whatever you want -- whatever you need to feel at peace in the outdoors.  You may consider bringing a lawn chair or a blanket, a bite to eat (or share), a photo or poem that reminds you of someone no longer with you, etc...

Since we will be at Hidden Falls, know that there is easy access to the river, but the river is likely very high and fast right now.  While we encourage folks to go check out the water, we ask that you do so with caution.  It probably won't be the best day to fish.  

PS if you haven't lost anyone or aren't feeling down -- come anyway.  There's lots to explore around "the monument" and coming together (even to be alone) is how we build community and become stronger.