Updated Location -- Fiwygin Outdoors (Today, May 21st)

It's going to be 49 degrees outside today.  When we first envisioned this weekend's event, it was a sunny day, where people could relax at "the monument" and honor their loved ones.  But, at 40 something degrees, it's too cold!  Rather than cancel, we've moved the location down to Hidden Falls, so that we can have a bonfire in addition to all the other things we had planned (short meditation, nature books, frisbee/football, snacks, etc...).  

We hope to see you there!  If you get lost or can't find us, call 651.295.2773.  Guided meditation will be just a few minutes long (we think), and will take place around 6:30ish.  Feel free to bring food, games, etc to share.